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The RLTC ladder registration is now open for the 2024 summer season, with new rounds every month. There is no charge to participate and the ladder is open to all levels!


Ladders are live in Club Automation. You will receive an email with your ladder box and contact information for the other participants.


Boxes will be made of 6-8 people of similar levels, Finish in the top 2 of your box during the month to move up to the next box. Finish in the bottom 2 and you will move down 1 box. 3 points for a match win 1 point for a loss.


The top 16 players after the month of August will play in an exclusive ladder tournament with the eventual winner earning a $200 credit at the RLTC bar.



Players are placed in groups of 6-8 players called "boxes". You play everyone in your box. At the end of each match, enter your score and the winner. After the period of play, the top two players move up a box, the bottom two move down a box. The middle player stays.  3 points for a match win, 1 point for a loss.



The first round usually starts at the beginning of the month. Go to your member portal and register.  Afterwards, ladders will close on the last day of each month and be refreshed on the first day of the next month. New participants can join at any time but may have to wait until the next month to play if they are too late in registering. 


Booking games

Please book a court as you would for a normal game and arrange your own matches. Please bring your own game balls.  We suggest you each bring a tin of new balls to the game then play with one can and the loser gets the unopened can. 



Ladder Rules

  1. Players are placed in boxes based on their skill level.

  2. Players play matches against every other player in the same box. Players must do their best to complete ALL matches in the box during that month. 

  3. Each match will be a Pro set, first player to win 8 games, winning by 2 games. If the score reaches 7-7, play a 7 point tiebreaker. 

  4. If time runs out, record whatever games are complete, unless players mutually commit, before starting play, to finish the match at a later time.

  5. Players provide the balls. Warm-up is 5 minutes.

  6. Players make calls on their own side of the net. If you are in doubt, give the opponent the benefit of the doubt. Either partner may make calls in doubles.

  7. 3 points are awarded for a win, 1 point for a loss, and 0 points for a default loss (no-show).

  8. If a game is stopped due to failing light, the score will be carried over to the next day.

  9. At the end of the round (usually about a month) players are promoted or demoted into higher or lower boxes based on the previous round's results.

  10. New players can be added at start of the round or with permission from the Pro, and will be placed according to their NTRP rating.

  11. Management will be responsible for final arbitration of any issues or disputes.

  12. If you have an extended absence planned, please notify the front desk or manager.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us






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