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As is our tradition, we will begin with mixed doubles, so everyone can get involved and brush off their competitive skills in a social atmosphere. Below are the dates as well as some information on the format and rules. Please make sure you are available for the opening weekend, so that we can get the first round done and set up the consolation round without delay.  We look forward to a full program of friendly competition.  

2022 Tournament Schedule


RTLC Mixed Doubles

June 2 - 9 (Register by Sun May 29)

RTLC Women's Doubles

June 16 - 23 (Register by Sun Jun 12)

RTLC Men’s Doubles

July 7 – 14 (Register by Sun Jul 3) - Main draw and consolation draw

NCTA Adult Singles*

July 29-31*

NCTA Juniors Event*

August 5-7*

NCTA Juniors Event*

August 12-14*

ATO Adult Event*

August 19-21*

RTLC Men’s singles

September 8 - 22 - A Draw / B Draw / A consolation / B consolation 

RTLC Women’s Singles

September 23 -29 (Register by Sun Sep 18)


* NCTA and ATO tournament registration must be done through the respective organization, not the RLTC.  Registration levels and details for these external events will be posted as they become available. Tournament fees will apply.

RLTC Tournament Rules

General Information

  • RLTC Club Tournaments are for members only.

  • Please assess your tennis rating, if you are unsure of your level.

  • Participation for RLTC tournaments is free! But we are asking players to bring their own can of new balls for each match. 

  • Weekday games will be played in the evening at 5, 6 or 7 PM.  If you are unable to play at 5 PM, please advise us when you register, and we will schedule you at 6 or 7 PM.

  • The outcome of the first match for each tournament will determine whether teams or players are streamed into the A or B (consolation) group.

  • Each player or team is guaranteed to play at least 2 matches.

  • If there are less than 5 teams registered, a round-robin format will be used.  


  • Players should ensure that they are available for the full opening weekend of the tournament.  Small adjustments in match times can be considered but only if both players/teams agree. 

  • Matches must be completed so as not to delay the next round. Otherwise, the player/team asking for the delay will have to forfeit the game.

  • Players are asked to contact their opponents directly if they wish to make a change and then advise the clubhouse staff in order to reserve a court. 

Match Format

  • Except for the semi-finals and finals, all matches will be a pro set of first to eight games, winning by two games. If the score reaches 7-7, a regular tiebreak is played, the winner being the first to reach 7 points, winning by 2 points.

  • Both A and B semi-final and final matches will be two out of three sets. If tied at one set each, the third set will be a “super tiebreak”, that is, the winner is the first to reach 10 points, winning by 2 points.

Rules of Play

  • Players are reminded that they are responsible for calls on their side of the net, and the opposing player/team must accept their decision. If there is any doubt, normal etiquette is to give the opponent the benefit of the doubt.  Players should avoid replaying a point, though this is always an option if both sides agree.  

  • If a game is stopped due to failing light, the score will be carried over to the next day. 

  • We will do our best to arrange for an umpire for the final matches. 

  • These events are intended for full members. Club pros and social members are not eligible to participate.

How to register for RLTC Tournaments

Sign up in Club Automation under Group Activities. You can also call (613-749-5494) or send us an email ( to register for one or more tournaments. 

Our tournament committee


Questions about tournaments? Contact us anytime.






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