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Sean Dennehy & Richard Aubin. 2006 NCTA Men’s Senior “A” Division awards dinner.

Richard Aubin (left) and members of the 2011 RLTC Rovers Men’s B Team

Richard Aubin


With sorrow as well as great memories, senior members of the Rockcliffe Lawn Tennis Club regretfully announce the passing of one of our most respected members, Richard Aubin on 11 November, 2022.

As a RLTC member, Richard was involved with just about every aspect of the Club. First and foremost, he was a very active player. He played on the Club’s Rangers and Rovers NCTA competitive seniors doubles teams and was runner up in the 2008 Men’s Consolation final – one of the longest finals in modern RLTC history. He was an Annual Tournament Chair, served on the Board as Treasurer, helped prepare the clay courts in the spring by pulling the old hand roller around the courts and would pitch in to help repair court leaks. He also served admirably in his apron as a chef at Club BBQ’s. As a former RCAF pilot, Richard would often fly his Rovers teammates to games in Kanata, in his Volvo along the Queensway - at low altitude.

Above all, Richard is best remembered for his infectious “joie de vivre” approach to life. As our former president Charles Belanger noted in his eulogy, “Richard embraced tennis as he embraced life, with both hands, with passion, determination, and an easy, contagious smile”.

As a RLTC member, Richard made substantial contributions to all aspects of the Club and helped not only to maintain but grow the reputation it has developed – within the community as well the entire National Capital tennis family. We were privileged to have had the opportunity to know and play with him.

We wish to extend our sincere condolences to his family.

John Taylor and Charles Bélanger

Wally Gordon


The members of the Rockcliffe Lawn Tennis Club announce the passing of Wally Gordon, one of our most popular and beloved members, on 29 November 2022. His obituary can be found here.

Upon joining the Club - at an energetic age 78 - Wally made his mark on and off the court. On court, he was known for his mischievous style of doubles play, mixing slices, lobs, drop shots or whatever else he fancied. He was not always successful, but when he was, he would often break into his signature celebratory dance. Whether he was your partner or opponent, you were always guaranteed a healthy dose of entertainment and laughter, as well as being dazzled by his array of implausible shots.


He carried on like this mostly at the Club’s Monday and Friday round robins, where he was a fixture. He took a keen interest in ensuring or advocating these were well organised and fun for all. “Where is Wally?” you would hear from participants, when he failed to appear for whatever valid reason. The round robins will never be the same without him and his infectious enthusiasm.

His presence off the court was equally memorable. As a retired architect and skilled craftsman, he noticed what required attention around the Club and he dedicated innumerable volunteer hours to the needed maintenance, additions or improvements.

Among his many projects, Wally replaced the clubhouse and court entrance steps, constructed an umpire’s chair, repaired the clubhouse fascia, restored the old water fountain and assisted with the design and construction of the deck extension and accessibility ramp. An excellent example of Wally’s craftmanship is the Club’s championship board which he made in 2009 and installed on the clubhouse ceiling. Every angle is perfectly cut and every screw is set at the same distance.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the Club, Wally was made an honorary lifetime member in 2007. His presence at the Club - as well as his latest Cadillac in the parking lot - will be fondly remembered for a long time. More memories can be found here.

We wish to extend our sincere condolences to his family.


Paul Bernier and John Taylor

Wally Gordon.jpg

Wally Gordon in his favourite RLTC attire (photo credit: Carol Hart).

Wally instructs “apprentices” Paul Bernier and Gill Kirkwood on the proper use of equipment for deck repair in 2021.





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