Our Jegysoft booking system allows you to pay for your membership, book a court, cancel a court, sign up for clinics and ladders, view the club's member directory, find a playing partner at your level.


To use the system and sign-in, use the "MEMBER LOGIN" button located at the top right of each web page. Or click here to login.
Returning Members Registration : 

  • Your email address is your "User ID" for logging in and accessing the booking system.

  • Use your password from last year, or reset your password at the bottom of the login page "Forgot Password?".

  • Answer the registration questions, sign the waivers, and pay your membership fee.



  •  Sign-up for programs on your member homepage.  For junior programs, please register your child under your own account, not the child's account.  


  • For non-members who wish to enroll a child in the junior program such as summer camp, select "Register Public Programs" and follow the instructions. Non-member fees may apply.  This link takes you the first step

  • For non-members who wish to take a lesson from our tennis pros, select "Register Public Programs" and follow the instructions.  A non-member fee may apply.  This link takes you the first step


  1. Clay courts are courts #1 to #4.  Hard courts are courts #5 to #8.  

  2. Adults have priority booking on courts #1-4 & 7.  Juniors have priority booking on #5 & 6. A combination of Adult and Junior players may book on any available court, clay or hard, in accordance with the electronic booking system. 

  3. Court #8 is reserved for lessons.  Unused time slots for court #8 are made available for the current day only, starting at midnight the day before. 

  4. You must be a paid RLTC member to be allowed to book a court.

  5. Only paid members are available as playing partners, except for guests.    

  6. If inviting a guest (non-member), select "Guest Player" for Player2, and enter the guest's name under the Guest section.  Your account will automatically be charged for their guest fee. Emails are sent automatically to you and your (member) partner, to confirm your booking.

  7. Prime time hours are 8-12, and 5-7.  You may be named in a max of three prime time bookings at any one time.  Bookings outside of prime time are not counted against your limit of three.  Once your first booked time slot has passed, you are able to book another time slot.

  8. You may book ahead four days, including today. Bookings start at 8:00 AM.

  9. Note that abuse of the booking system may result in loss of booking privileges, or other consequences.  In particular, selecting the name of a member as your playing partner, when they have not previously agreed to that, may result in immediate cancellation of your bookings, and your booking privileges.

  10. You may book consecutive time slots if you desire.

  11. All players must be clearly identified to the Club.  If you end up having any player substitute for a booked slot, you must update your booking record, or, provide the Club attendant with detailed contact info for any substitutes, prior to going onto the court. 

  12. When a court booking is made or cancelled, an email is sent out to all the members listed on that booking, informing them of the booking or cancellation.  If a booking is changed or updated, it is possible that only the original names are notified.  Please confirm with others in the booking about court booking changes.

  13. The use of the Club ball machine is only for use on Court #8, and should be declared in the booking. A fee for usage will apply. All balls must be collected and the machine unplugged before the change over period.  Booking the ball machine must not interfere with the following booking.

  14. In the event of heavy rain closing the courts, staff will cancel all court bookings for that time slot, to allow future bookings to be made.



Use our booking system to find players at your skill level!  It is a great tool to find new tennis partners.

Steps to register: 

  1. ​Sign-in to your member homepage.

  2. Under the box called "PlayerConnect", click "Update my Player Profile".

  3. Enter the personal information about your tennis game. This allows members to see your player details.

  4. Search for other players using "Find a Game" or "Post Game Wanted".



Find a member and their contact details using "Player Directory".  Only members who agreed to display their contact details will be listed.





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